De vermisten van Maneschijn

Christelle Dabos (author), Eef Gratama (translator)
De vermisten van Maneschijn
De vermisten van Maneschijn De vermisten van Maneschijn
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Target audience:
15 years and up
Ophelia keert terug in De vermisten van Maneschijn, het tweede deel van De spiegelpassante-serie van Christelle Dabos. Na de gebeurtenissen in De ijzige verloofde wil Ophelia niets liever dan een rustig en teruggetrokken bestaan leiden. Maar haar leven op de vijandige ark Pool is meer in gevaar dan ooit… Als verloofde van de afstandelijke en raadselachtige Thorn zijn alle ogen op Ophelia gericht.
De vermisten van Maneschijn
Christelle Dabos
Eef Gratama
Original language
Original title
Les disparus du Clairdelune
Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Luitingh-Sijthoff, © 2021
579 p.
9789024587247 (hardback)

About Christelle Dabos

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Christelle Dabos (born 1980) is a French fantasy author.


Originally from the Côte d'Azur, Christelle Dabos grew up in Cannes with a family of musicians. She joined the Silver Plume, a community of authors on the Internet. She trained as a librarian before devoting herself to writing. Since 2005, she lives and works in Belgium.

In 2013, she won the Gallimard-RTL-Télérama prize for first youth novel, for A Winter's Promise, the first volume of her Mirror Visitor quartet. The title of the series (La Passe-miroir in French) is inspired by Le Passe-muraille, a literary work by the French writer Marcel Aymé.

The Mirror Visitor quartet narrates the adventures of Ophelia, a heroine with the power to read objects, as well as to move from one place to another through mirrors. The conceit of the setting is that earth has exploded into 21 "arks," like so many plane…Read more on Wikipedia