In Meisje in brand van Claire Messud zijn Julia Robertson en Cassie Burnes al sinds de kleuterklas bevriend; een vriendschap waarin ze alles met elkaar delen. Naarmate de meisjes ouder worden, tekenen de verschillen zich af. Wanneer Bev, de moeder van Cassie, een nieuwe man ontmoet, wordt de toekomst van Cassie ongewisser, terwijl Julia’s pad steeds duidelijkere contouren krijgt. Ze kan niet ander
Meisje in brand
Claire Messud
Tjadine Stheeman
Original language
Original title
The burning girl
Amsterdam: Ambo|Anthos, 2018
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About Claire Messud

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Claire Messud (born 1966) is an American novelist and literature and creative writing professor. She is best known as the author of the novel The Emperor's Children (2006).

Early life

Born in Greenwich, Connecticut, Messud grew up in the United States, Australia, and Canada, returning to the United States as a teenager. Messud's mother is Canadian, and her father is a Pied-noir from French Algeria. She was educated at the University of Toronto Schools and Milton Academy. She did undergraduate and graduate studies at Yale University and Cambridge University, where she met her spouse James Wood. Messud also briefly attended the MFA program at Syracuse University.


Messud's debut novel, When The World Was Steady (1995), was nominated for the PEN/Faulkner Award. In 1999, she published her second book, The Last Life, about three generations of a French-Algerian fami…Read more on Wikipedia