De Pantheon getuige

David Hewson (author), Ineke Van den Elskamp (translator)
De politie krijgt een inbraakmelding vanuit het Pantheon. Wanneer Nic Costa en Gianni Peroni in de Romeinse tempel aankomen, ontdekken zij een lijk onder de vers gevallen sneeuw. In de rug van het slachtoffer is een mysterieus symbool gekerfd. Al snel staat de FBI op de stoep en die wil, geheel tegen de zin van de Italianen, het onderzoek overnemen.
De Pantheon getuige
David Hewson
Ineke Van den Elskamp
Original language
Original title
The sacred cut
Baarn: De Fontein, 2009

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About David Hewson

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David Hewson (born 9 January 1953) is a contemporary British author of mystery novels. His series of mysteries, featuring police officers In Rome, led by the young detective and art lover Nic Costa, began with A Season for the Dead, has now been contracted to run to at least nine instalments by British, American, European and Asian publishers. The author's debut novel, Shanghai Thunder, was published by Robert Hale, in the United Kingdom, in 1986. Almost all copies of the book were sent to libraries, and it has been reissued.

His second book was set in Spain during Holy Week and won the W H Smith Fresh Talent prize for one of the best first novels of 1996. Its film adaptation, released in 2002, was also titled Semana santa. Apart from that he has written a number of standalone novels, including Lucifer's Shadow and The Promised Land, and as well the second chapter of the audio serial novel The Chopi…Read more on Wikipedia