De blauwe ziekte

Jean Van Hamme (author of screenplay), Grzegorz Rosinski (illustrator)
In series:
Thorgal; 25
Target audience:
12-14 years and up
Thorgal, Aaricia, Jolan en Wolvin: de hele familie Aegirsson is weer bijeen maar voor de trotse Viking wiens liefde voor zijn gezin zijn enige houvast is, blijft het geluk onbereikbaar ver weg. Wordt het onbekende land waar hij ditmaal aan wal gaat, hem fataal? Wat is de verschrikkelijke Blauwe ziekte? Zal het Thorgal lukken zijn gezin te redden uit het pestlijdershol waarin ze zijn opgesloten? Za
De blauwe ziekte
Author of screenplay
Jean Van Hamme
Grzegorz Rosinski
Original language
Original title
Le mal bleu
Brussel: Le Lombard, 1999
48 p. : ill.
90-5581-249-8 90-5581-250-1

About Jean Van Hamme

CC BY 3.0 - Image by Éditions Dupuis

Jean, knight Van Hamme (born 16 January 1939) is a Belgian novelist and comic book writer. He has written scripts for a number of Belgian/French comic series, including Histoire sans héros, Thorgal, XIII and Largo Winch.


Early years

After studying business administration at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, he worked as a journalist and in the marketing department of Philips. In the meantime, he started writing, and one of his first scripts was adapted by Paul Cuvelier in 1968. This erotic comic named Epoxy was published by the controversial publisher Éric Losfeld, who prior to that also had published similarly themed comics like Jean-Claude Forest's Barbarella and Robert Gigi's Scarlett Dream. In 1976, Van Hamme became a full-time writer, and in the next few years he published seven novels and some m…Read more on Wikipedia