Autobiografisch relaas over de familie van de Israëlische schrijver Meir Shalev (1948). In deze memoires gaat Shalev terug naar zijn wortels in een pioniersfamilie uit Oekraïne, die in de jaren '20 van de 20e eeuw een bestaan opbouwde in het dorp Nahalal in Palestina. Centraal staat grootmoeder Tonja, die niet alleen een bindende factor is in de familie, maar ook haar omgeving in haar greep heeft
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Meir Shalev
Ruben Verhasselt
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Ha-davar haja kacha
[Plaats van uitgave niet vastgesteld]: Ambo/Anthos B.V., 2010

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About Meir Shalev

Meir Shalev (Hebrew: מאיר שלו‎; born 29 July 1948) is an Israeli writer and newspaper columnist for the daily Yedioth Ahronoth . Shalev's books have been translated into 26 languages.


Shalev was born in Nahalal, Israel. Later he lived in Jerusalem and at Ginosar with his family. He is the son of the Jerusalem poet Yitzhak Shalev. His cousin Zeruya Shalev is also a writer.

Shalev was drafted into the IDF in 1966, and did his military service in the Golani Brigade. He served as a soldier, a squad leader in the brigade's reconnaissance company. Shalev fought in The Six Day War, and a few months after the war was injured in a friendly fire incident.

He began his career by presenting ironic features on television and radio. He also moderated the program Erev Shabbat ("Friday night") on Israel channel one. His first novel, The Blue Mountain, was published in 198…Read more on Wikipedia