'Broedertwist' van R.J. Ellory, een prachtige roman met thrillerelementen. Intens en hartverscheurend, dit is Ellory op zijn best. Henry Quinn doorstond zijn tijd in de gevangenis dankzij zijn vriendschap met Evan Riggs, een countryzanger die een moord beging en nu levenslang uitzit. Op de dag van zijn vrijlating belooft Henry dat hij Evans dochter zal opsporen en haar een brief zal overhandigen.
Broedertwist / R.J. Ellory
R.J. Ellory 1965-
Kris Eikelenboom
Original language
Original title
Mockingbird songs
Utrecht: De Fontein, 2016
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About R.J. Ellory

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Roger Jon Ellory (born 20 June 1965) is an English thriller writer.

Personal life

Ellory lives in Birmingham, England. He cites Arthur Conan Doyle, Michael Moorcock, J. R. R. Tolkien and Stephen King as being among the people who influenced his writing. He is an avid fan of BookCrossing and apart from his work as an author, he is interested in music. He is currently a singer and guitar player with a band called The Whiskey Poets.

Ellory's father is unknown to him, having left the household before Ellory was born. He was raised by his mother and maternal grandmother, his maternal grandfather having drowned in 1957 in Wales. Ellory's mother died as a result of a pneumonic haemorrhage in late 1971, the victim of a pneumonia epidemic that killed a number of people in the West Midlands. Ellory was then sent to a number of different schools, and finally completed his education at Kingham Hill Sc…Read more on Wikipedia